Things to consider before choosing the business for your OTT platform

OTT platforms or over-the-top platforms have become some of the highlighting factors of 2021 with new ones emerging almost every month. Such platforms are basically streaming platforms that stream video content on a daily basis directly to the consumer or viewers through either an application or website connected to the internet. These platforms are able to provide marketing opportunities to many companies or organizations that want to either advertise their product or brand as a whole. 

But while So many OTT streaming Platforms exist, the number of good OTT solution providers remains limited. These solution providers create the platform for you according to your needs and customer market. Today we will discuss what OTT solutions providers are all about and what do you need to look for while choosing the one best for your brand.

As OTT information changes regularly, this article will try to talk about the various OTT solution providers and the level of technology that exists as of date, 26 September 2021.

What do we understand from “OTT Providers”?

OTT is basically short form for “Over-the-top”, which refers to streaming content all over the internet. Historically, the name comes from an old reference of devices going, “over the top” of the cable box in order to provide users access to the content. Therefore, an OTT Platform Provider refers to the online solution that acts as a host for live and on-demand video content that has to be streamed or broadcasted all over the internet.

It makes it all the more important for people to not confuse OTT solution providers with Streaming Services. The best example is Mogi I/O that provides multiple services that basically powers those streaming services such as Hotstar, Netflix, etc. We are ott solution provider in india

The Complete Process of OTT

The cable and broadcasting platforms that originally act as a controller for the video broadcasting/streaming through the use of the internet are all controlled by OTT. After a video has been recorded, that RAW file is given further for post-production. After the video file is completely ready, it is sent to an OTT provider via RTMP. The OTT provider further sends the video to the video player for viewers to watch via HLS. It completes the encoding for you so that you don’t have to get into the technical aspect of it too much.

OTT Providers provide the functionality for both live streaming and video on-demand services that streaming services can take in.

Live Streaming

Live streaming refers to the type of video feed that is recorded from an event in real-time. There it may not be in perfect quality or post-produced. At the same time, mistakes are often witnessed happened during live streams but it provides an essence of originality to it that viewers like a lot. The medium is more interactive for viewers and surely has raised a lot of money for multiple streaming websites. 

Mogi I/O provides a similar service called “Liveu” which acts as a highly scalable & robust live video streaming solution for streaming services. It is a type of near-real live stream delivery that provides bandwidth adaptive streaming and supports millions of concurrent users. One can get multiple streams for their own platform and social media as well as complete access control over text & logo overlay. It provides a flexible “minute” stream-based pricing package that is more approachable for high-end and normal streaming services. 

On-Demand Videos

On-demand videos are the type of videos that are available for users or viewers to watch whenever they want to, at any time of the day. These videos are created with high-end technology and go through reshoots as well as post-production processes. Due to this, this type of content takes a long time to be created. The content or videos are made available for viewers to watch on TV channels as well as online streaming websites and only need a simple internet connection in order to watch these videos.

 Mogi I/O has produced “Video” that is a “Multi CDN” which provides “buffer free” streaming as well as AI-based transcoding. The AI transcoding helps in better compression performance that maintains the overall quality of the video. The company provides a wide range of packages for a variety of users as well as subscription-based packages.

Key Features for every OTT Streaming Service Providers

Here is the list of key features are you should be looking for while choosing the right provider for your business. 

  • Tight Security System
  • Powerful CMS for organizing content
  • Variety of monetization tools
  • Video APIs
  • Technical support
  • Pricing
  • Global content delivery via a Video CDN
  • Live streaming features
  • VOD hosting capabilities

Tight Security System
cybercrime has become an extremely serious issue in 2021 and it also means that the cost of keeping yourself protected against any cyber-crime will also subsequently increase. Which makes it quite important to look into various security measures that the OTT platform is providing you. A secure online streaming platform can only be created if it’s backed by a secure OTT platform. 

Powerful CMS for organizing content
An OTT provider that provides content organization is essential for every streaming OTT service. It is only possible with a powerful video CMS which is called the control management system. These systems provide you with better resources for cataloging, tagging, giving titles, managing huge libraries, and searching content through those huge libraries in an easy a simpler manner. we are ott streaming services in india 

Variety of monetization tools
With the increase in streaming services and regular video content being generated, the Global OTT revenue is surely expected to rise above 200 billion US Dollars by the end of 2026. The amount is more or less double the amount that was generated in 2020 alone. As video monetization becomes an important factor and the driving force for the entire OTT solution providing Industry, it makes it all the more important to choose the provider with proper monetary tools for your content.
Monetization is one more significant feature of broadcasters. There are three fundamental approaches to monetize content: promotions (AVOD), pay-per-view (TVOD), and subscriptions (SVOD). Once occasions like games are ideal for pay-per-view monetization, and subscriptions are ideal for recurring content. Promotions are an extraordinary alternative for content that is intended to build brand awareness.

Video APIs
Video streaming APIs permit you to get to video content from your website and can be utilized in frameworks for controlling and monitoring content, following user data, and customizing embedded players. Most organizations are relocating to API-based work processes for online video. Basically, with the help of API access, you would be able to integrate critical functions on your OTT solution provider without much hassle or problematic process.
Video API gives automatic admittance to video stage usefulness. Broadcasters use video APIs in a wide range of ways. However, you would prefer.

Reliable Technical Support
a technical support team can resolve any issues you are having, finished a portion of the more tedious tasks that should be done, or can help you on the projects. These let us lose you to deal with the more significant business projects and helping different representatives. OTT organizations need professional video hosting solutions that are profoundly powerful and continually accessible technical support. At the point when your business relies upon quick, solid internet-based video hosting, you need to tackle any issues immediately. Not in two hours. Not in two days. Immediately.

We can’t precisely think about OTT solution providers without looking at live streaming estimating too. Cost is vital in light of the fact that you need to discover a solution that offers the components you need while remaining reasonably affordable for you. 

Global content delivery via a Video CDN
Content delivery is a significant viewpoint to consider as it adds to what crowd you can convey content to in the best. You’ll need to pick an OTT platform that works with a reliable, worldwide content delivery network (CDN).

Live streaming features
Regardless of whether your business’, OTT platform incorporates live streaming functions, video on request, or professional video hosting, or both ought to likewise intensely affect your definitive choices. On the off chance that you will likely live stream, you’ll need to choose an OTT video hosting platform that supports live streaming.

Mogi’s Proprietary Video Tech

Mogi’s Video Tech solutions are available end-to-end (Video Transcoding + Video Player + Mogi Streaming Engine (Multi-CDN delivery) + DRM + Video Analytics) or you can use individual products from the entire suite like just the Video Transcoding. Mogi also provides white-label end-to-end plug n play solutions for OTT and Edtech Platforms, with Web, Android and iOS apps as well as a dedicated CMS for OTT and LMS for EdTech.

One of the best individual products we have is our Transcoding Architecture, which is a unique cluster-based process, does the transcoding within 30% of the content length. The transcoding architecture’s result includes a highly compressed video of up to 50% with no loss in quality, and if you choose quality enhancement, a 40% compression with the enhanced video quality.

The pricing for Transcoding is very competitive as well, and along with it you get a highly compressed output with the same or higher quality. This means not only is your contractual pricing is low due to competitive pricing, but your bandwidth consumption also reduces, and user experiences increase multifold. It’s a win-win for all of us (Users, Clients, Mogi).

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