Our Team

Vikrant Khanna

Founder & CEO

Vikrant is a seasoned P&L leader & marketer with over 20+ years of experience. He was with Home Shop18 as COO & also he is Ex VP of digital platform in Airtel. He has studied executive MBA from INSEAD & MBA(marketing) from IMT Ghaziabad

Rahul Lahoria

Co-Founder & CTO

Rahul has built AI Solutions & Patented technology, AI, cloud computing & mobile apps for over 10+ years. He has filed 6 patents till date. He was CTO in LiveChek where he launch AI based inspection app. He has done his M.Tech CS from IIT Kharagpur

Susheel Srinivas

Founding Team

Susheel is our growth team head having experience in sales, analytics & operation, He has done his B.Tech + M.Tech from IIT Kharagpur

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