Why Mogi I/O OTT solution is better than other brands?

Nothing is more aggravating than having your favorite moment interrupted by a video freeze or stutter. The phrase ‘buffer rage’ was coined by netizens to describe their sense of irritation and aggravation caused by the delayed or interrupted experience of streaming video content.

According to IneoQuest, 51 percent of consumers who watch online or streaming video have been upset to the point of “frustration” due to buffering, which appears to be a serious issue in the streaming sector.

But every time that spinning wheel shows on the screen, we all leap to the conclusion that the problem is due to our slow internet, while the problem could be due to the streaming service. Given the amount o of video-based content across platforms these days, low-quality films or buffering could cost a company dearly, as the new-generation consumer is not only impatient but also spoilt for choice.

For all these problems we now have one solution Mogi I/O

Mogi I/O is a next-generation, scalable and cost-effective delivery solution that enables online video providers (image optimization) to profit from their content by a superior video/image experience to billions. Mogi’s patent technology delivers buffer-free videos of enhanced quality while compressing their size by 50%. This means not only is the end-user experience par excellence but even for the video platform, their streaming costs get reduced by 50% while customer retention goes up. Mogi’s innovative solutions lie in three buckets – core video tech, image tech, and white label solutions for OTT and ed-tech industry.


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  • Rahul Lahoria


Mogi’s solution lies in three buckets: Video Tech, Image Tech, and White Label Solutions.

Video Tech – Mogi has developed a game-changing IP, the Mogi Streaming Engine, for which it has filed a patent application. Through its multi-CDN design, Mogi Streaming Engine provides buffer-free video. The company’s second trademark is wherewith AI. Mogi is capable of achieving video compression that is 50% better than existing transcoding/compression solutions. It accomplishes this while also improving the video’s quality. We are ott platform provider in india 

Image Tech – Mogi reduces the size of photos on any website or app by up to 80%, improving the website’s or app’s performance. It raises their SEO ranking while lowering their bandwidth consumption for image data transfer by 80%.

White label solutions – Anyone with content who wants to create their own OTT app may do so in a matter of days using Mogi’s plug-and-play solutions. Subscription (SVOD), Pay per View (TVOD), and Advertising are all options for monetizing content (AVOD)

How Mogi I/O OTT is better than other streaming platforms


In most of the major streaming platforms To even be able to monetize your content, you need to be on the subscription plan and pay $20 per month.

you can choose one of three ways to sell your content:

  • Rent it out as a pay-per-view model.
  • Sell one-off access to the content.
  • Charge a recurring subscription.

Plus, they keep 10% of your earnings from these sales. Before you can start selling content, you’ll need to have a plan in place to fund the membership charges.

But in MOTT VoD for subscription packages which can be defined, AVoD for ads running on your free content, the duration, and frequency of which can be customized, and TVoD for pay per view content, the amount for which, again, can be customized. You can choose what you want to monetize, how you want to monetize, and how much you want to monetize with no restrictions. Your content, your revenue. You don’t have to share any of it with Mogi I/O



AWS Elemental MediaConvert is a file-based video transcoding service with broadcast-grade features. AWS Elemental MediaConvert is a file-based video processing service that provides scalable video processing for content owners and distributors with media libraries of any size.

 MOTT provides custom transcoding solutions that provide 50% better output than AWS media convert. Transcoding in the backend portal enables you to choose resolutions, quality enhancement, and customizations that will enable users to view your content efficiently.



A CDN is simply a network that delivers content — like video — at the user’s request. It makes it faster and easier to load content and promotes a great experience. For businesses that are new to live streaming video content, the right CDN configuration can positively impact your stream and help get your message across

Delivering through a single CDN? What happens to your content and users when the CDN faces a high level of traffic, or worse, the CDN goes out? The content streams with a high level of buffer, and low quality, or does not load at all!

Mogi’s Multi-CDN patented tech not only optimizes content delivery by switching between multiple CDN’s on traffic, congestion, latency, and cost, but also creates redundancies to mitigate outage impacts on your users.



A CDN is simply a network that delivers content — like video — at the user’s request. It makes it faster and easier to load content and promotes a great experience. For businesses that are new to live streaming video content, the right CDN configuration can positively impact your stream and help get your message across. While our goal is always to allow sellers to distribute content far and wide on any device, the use of DRM technology means there will be inherent limits to the reach of content and devices that are compatible. Currently, DRM on videos is a paid add-on for your videos on many OTT platforms

But in MOTT DRM is free of cost and it prevents screenshots and screen recordings and private key encryption so that no video is played outside of the platform.

Some other features of MOGI I/O OTT

Content Management System

  • Enabling the Backend search index allows for more comprehensive search results for media in the backend. If the index is not activated, searches look only in the titles of media items. When the index is activated, in addition to results from titles, you can also get results from library name, tag, category, and file URL.,
  • Routing
  • Description,
  • Meta-tagging and categorization – Meta tags are snippets of text that describe a page’s content; the meta tags don’t appear on the page itself, but only in the page’s source code. Meta tags are essentially little content descriptors that help tell search engines what a web page is about.
  • You can define your channels, categories, thumbnails, resolutions, monetization packages, descriptions, tags, and a truckload of other things to help you make your app your own!


Player & Branded Display

 Custom Mogi Video Player has brand and text overlay, You have a ten-second forward and backward button that is very useful while skipping or rewinding the video, You can choose the resolution for your video by resolution selection including auto, full-screen options, and timeline slider. You can even get your custom logo displayed over every video being played, so your users know and love your brand at all times.


Frontend Apps

 The front-end is what a user sees and interacts with (user interface). Android, iOS, Web, and Smart TV apps and adjustments in order to make your content easily accessible through any device.



 It’s very important to understand your users to create your content strategy. Through Mogi I/O you can get aggregate content level, individual content level, and user-level analytics with deep insights on what users see, how much do they see, and where they drop off. You will be able to know your users like never before!


Mogi i/o is on a mission to make video streaming and video delivery infrastructure easily accessible for companies and ensure that our core IPs deliver a buffer-free streaming experience for the end consumer of our clients anywhere, anytime. Even though being a startup through these cutting edge technologies Mogi i/o is already better than its competitors and will take these other OTT and video streaming platforms by storm through their transcoding, patents, DMS, Monetization, and competitive pricing. We are ott service provider in India

Mogi’s Proprietary Video Tech & White Label OTT

Mogi’s Video Tech solutions are available end-to-end (Video Transcoding + Video Player + Mogi Streaming Engine (Multi-CDN delivery) + DRM + Video Analytics) or you can use individual products from the entire suite like just the Video Transcoding. Mogi also provides white-label end-to-end plug n play solutions for OTT and Edtech Platforms, with Web, Android and iOS apps as well as a dedicated CMS for OTT and LMS for EdTech.

One of the best individual products we have is our Transcoding Architecture, which is a unique cluster-based process, does the transcoding within 30% of the content length. The transcoding architecture’s result includes a highly compressed video of up to 50% with no loss in quality, and if you choose quality enhancement, a 40% compression with the enhanced video quality.

The pricing for Transcoding is very competitive as well, and along with it you get a highly compressed output with the same or higher quality. This means not only is your contractual pricing is low due to competitive pricing, but your bandwidth consumption also reduces, and user experiences increase multifold. It’s a win-win for all of us (Users, Clients, Mogi).

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