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OTT or “over-the-top” refers to any streaming service that delivers content via the internet. White Label OTT is growing unabated and is certainly the “present” and the “future” of entertainment. OTT services are unique because they bypass traditional media distribution channels like cable television providers or telecommunications networks to reach the audience. You can access an OTT service as long as you have an internet-enabled device for streaming the content.

White label OTT services are usually monetized through paid subscriptions. However, there are exceptions. Some OTT platforms may facilitate revenue earning through advertising or in-app purchases.

Here is why having an OTT platform proves so beneficial for content creators—

  • You cater to a younger, more engaging audience

It’s clear that white label OTT offers a number of advertising benefits, but the most important is the potential to reach a younger, and more diverse audience as compared to traditional media. Nielsen, in one of its studies, found a 40% drop in TV viewing among 18-24-year-olds. This audience is not just exposed to but also open to OTT advertising. Around 98 percent of this population watch ads completely on OTT platforms. And this happens because the desire to skip or fast-forward through commercials has mostly disappeared among this segment of media consumers.

But then what implications has this got for content creators? Well, when there is such a huge, wealthy, young audience open to watching commercials, content creators should only think about capitalizing on it by making themselves available on OTT platforms.

  • Microtargeting and data transparency

Traditional TV consumption metrics were based upon large samples, and so the performance of content couldn’t be measured with a high level of accuracy. OTT advertising, on the other hand, provides far greater transparency about who is viewing the delivered content. You will not just be able to see who is watching the content, but also the details of the viewing time. This allows you to schedule your ads precisely to get the best return on investment.

Consumers like to be able to control their media consumption, including commercials. Many OTT content companies allow consumers to select from potential ads during a content break. This allows for a greater sense of engagement from the consumer and helps your message get relayed better.

  • One of main advantages of an OTT platform is its lower cost

OTTs are pocket-friendly. With a monthly subscription, people can have access to thousands of programs. They don’t just get to watch international web series, shows and live sports telecasts, but also local content.

OTT offers a great deal of relief to users as they are no longer required to pay monthly charges for cable operators, nor do they have to face any kind of interruption. Anyone can sign up to view online content by paying for a monthly, yearly or annual subscription. This makes it extremely cost-effective for your audience.

  • No fuss, only high-quality content with great clarity

OTT Platforms available these days ensure that their content quality is exceptionally high. Since the service is online, users only need a fast internet connection to enjoy high-quality buffer-free streams. And this applies to both audio and video content.

The best part is that users can also customize the audio and video quality as required. This is a great advantage for content creators, because by offering high-quality content, they will be able to gain an edge over providers of traditional media.

  • You control your means of revenue

Platform owners have the option to choose brand-appropriate advertising partners who appeal to their audience and don’t present conflicting messages.

They could also decide which revenue-generating strategy they want to adopt. That means they can easily opt for a subscription model if they want to.

  • Monetize as per your will

A personal OTT platform offers a range of monetization options that include various subscription tiers and premium content.

There are fewer partners sharing your revenue so more money is available to you as a platform owner. Even better, random host platform algorithms won’t be able to take down your content or demonetize it.

  • Sure-shot security

Cyber-attacks are frequent on social media and video sharing websites. Thankfully, creators can have full control over their security with an OTT platform. There is less chance of their audience being exposed to data breaches.

  • Engagement and connection

When you have your own OTT platform, you are delivering your content to a highly targeted audience—the people that truly want to consume your content.

And you can offer them a great viewing experience by ensuring harmonious advertising, greater control over design, and consistency in branding. This encourages platform users and owners to engage more frequently, which makes way for a deeper connection.

  • Insights

The importance of data transparency can’t be overemphasized.

Platform owners have full access to their data. And this is way better than trying to understand the analytics offered by third-party platforms. Having complete control and access to your data means you can optimize your content strategy in a way that helps your channel grow.

The rise of white label OTT platforms and the rosy future that awaits them

OTT seems to be the new norm in the entertainment industry, given the current state of crisis. The OTT industry in India is just a couple of years old. But it has seen a rapid boom.

Today, the Indian entertainment market is flooded with OTT platforms—both local and international. And with their growing number, they have become more affordable, and more accessible to a wider range of users. Now, anybody can access content over an OTT platform from anywhere, just with an Internet connection and a device for it.

So yes, the white label OTT industry in India is currently basking in success, but then what about its future? 

According to a report by the Asiana Times, the Indian OTT market will reach Rs 237.86 billion (US$3.22billion) by FY25. This is up from Rs 42.50 Billion (US$576.73 million) in FY19.

Also, India will have at least 500 million online video users by FY23. This number will increase as smartphones and the internet penetrate deeper into the nooks and corners of the country.

Another survey found that OTT services were used more by tier-two, three and four towns than metros and tier one cities during the pandemic.

There are other credible sources too that support such claims, and point at a massive future growth for the OTT industry. We Provide Cheap OTT Platform

According to a report by The Times Of India, India’s OTT market will reach $12.5 billion by 2030, up from $1.5 billion in 2021. These figures are published by RBSA Advisors, which is an independent Transaction Advisory Firm.

Now, this growth can be attributed to improved networks, digital connectivity, and smartphones.

The report further says that the next wave in OTT growth will be from Tier II, III, and IV cities.

OTT platforms in India are attracting more subscribers every day. As per the report, India’s video OTT market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 28.6 percent over the coming 4 years. RBSA believes this industry has the potential to scale a $15 billion growth in the next nine to ten years.

The report also stated that the OTT landscape will become highly competitive over the next 4-5 years, and that the OTT service providers will try to become the go-to platform for consumers. What more? The OTT customer base is projected to reach 462.7 million by 2025.

So yes, India’s OTT future seems bright. Now, does that mean content creators should start launching their own OTT platforms? Well, it depends. Ask yourself the following questions before you can be sure you need an OTT platform to grow your business—

  • Will you have sufficient content for your audience?

OTT platforms are preferred by viewers because they offer a wide variety of content to watch. If you think you will be able to offer a large variety of media content at regular intervals, then OTT is the right choice for your business. You may not have an extensive collection of videos, but it’s important to have enough content to at least smoothly get started. Remember, you will have competitors to beat. Having enough content will allow you to keep up with the competition.

  • Can you offer premium content?

Your OTT platform should have some kind of unique selling proposition (USP) to stand out. So, do you have exclusive content that isn’t available on other OTT platforms? If not, you might have to work harder for attention.

  • What is your marketing strategy for your OTT content?

You can create an OTT platform if your business has a well-planned strategy to tap into a particular audience using your content.

  • Is there already a demand for your content?

If you have been delivering content on third-party platforms, and have acquired a lot of audience already, then there is no reason why you shouldn’t have your own OTT platform. But then make sure your content carries the same tone and personality as before. Also, make sure all your new content is highly engaging and easily understandable. 

Once you have answered these questions, you will be in a position to decide whether or not to have a personal OTT platform to cater to your audience. Remember, it’s only when you take every step carefully that you can travel far. We provide cheap OTT Plarform

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