Which Technology Should AVOD Players Leverage: SSAI Or CSAI?


As subscriber churn reaches unprecedented levels, OTT giants are increasingly turning towards ad-based models to generate revenue. While the subscription ecosystem remains robust, many platforms are capitalising on advertising as a significant source of income. Video advertising on VOD platforms alone holds a staggering market volume of $183 billion. To thrive in the AVOD landscape, content owners must determine the right technology for delivering ads to end-users.

What is OTT Ad Insertion? 

Ad agencies are eager to leverage various mediums to elevate their brands, while publishers are tapping into this trend to maximise their monetary returns. However, the ad landscape has transformed significantly in recent years. Brands now prioritise targeted advertising, while online video platforms strive to deliver personalised ads without causing annoyance. This gave rise to Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI), a server-side ad technology that ensures personalised ads reach the intended audience by leveraging geolocalization, socio-demographics, and behavioural profiles. we are OTT providers in India

An Overview of Server-Side Ad Insertion (SSAI):

Also known as ad stitching, SSAI integrates ads directly into the video streams. Unlike Client-Side Ad Insertion (CSAI), where ads are placed by the client (media player) in a predefined manner, SSAI seamlessly weaves ads into the video content. This provides viewers with a continuous streaming experience, eliminating intrusive ad breaks. Moreover, SSAI bypasses ad blockers, as the ads are stitched into the video data stream. We provide are Cheap ott Platform


CSAI (Client-Side Ad Insertion): In CSAI, the client (video player) requests ads from the ad server based on predefined ad markers within the video content. When an ad is received, the player pauses the existing stream, plays the ad, and resumes the content after the commercial concludes. CSAI ads can be placed as pre-roll, mid-roll, or post-roll formats.

The Verdict: 

Choosing between SSAI and CSAI depends on factors such as the need to bypass ad blockers or deliver a rich ad experience. SSAI offers seamless viewing, protection against ad blockers, and reduced latency. However, it requires a complex infrastructure and faces challenges related to spoofing. CSAI excels in tracking, metrics, and delivering rich ad experiences but is vulnerable to ad blockers, leading to potential revenue losses. Wise decisions considering budget, low-latency requirements, and user experience are crucial to deliver profitable ads. We are ott solution provider in India


As the OTT industry evolves, ad-based revenue models like AVOD are gaining prominence. Advertisers and publishers are increasingly focusing on personalised and targeted ads to enhance user experiences. By understanding the differences between CSAI and SSAI and carefully evaluating their pros and cons, content owners can make informed decisions to maximise revenue and deliver compelling ad experiences in the evolving AVOD landscape.

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