How Mogi's Live Streaming Platform Helps You Earn 10x Revenue vs YouTube

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Attention, live streamers! Are you eager to optimize your live stream earnings but find yourself stuck in the Ad revenue rut? Dive into this blog to discover how you can unlock the true revenue potential of your live streams by transitioning to Mogi’s Live Platform. We provide live video streaming solution platform & Live Streaming Solution

You’ve painstakingly cultivated a dedicated subscriber base on your YouTube channel, a feat that required years of dedication and hard work. Now, you’re keen to maximize your live stream earnings. However, here’s the stark reality: YouTube is siphoning off a significant portion of your live stream revenues!

Multiple sources indicate that YouTube retains up to 45% of your live-streaming revenues. In simpler terms, if your YouTube live generates $100 in revenue, you’re only pocketing $55. We provide live video streaming solution platform & Live Streaming Solution

Now, the burning question arises: How can you increase your earnings from live streams? The solution lies in Mogi’s Live Platform! In this article, we’ll delve into how Mogi’s Live Platform can potentially amplify your revenue streams by 10 times compared to YouTube. Excited? So are we! Let’s delve deeper.

Challenges with Current YouTube Live Stream Monetization

Before we explore the advantages of Mogi’s Live Platform, it’s crucial to understand why you need it. Presently, there’s a limited array of live-streaming platforms available, many of which are complex to set up and demand advanced technical expertise.

YouTube, while user-friendly and boasting a vast audience base, poses challenges in revenue generation. You can monetize your YouTube live videos by incorporating ads, sans additional technical setup. This convenience has led YouTube to become the default live-streaming platform for many streamers globally. We provide live video streaming solution platform & Live Streaming Solution

But is it the optimal choice? Far from it! Generating revenue through YouTube Live proves arduous due to several reasons:

  • Eligibility Requirements: You need a minimum of 4,000 watch hours and 1,000 subscribers to enable monetization for your live videos.
  • Dependency on Ad Views: Your income hinges on the number of viewers who watch ads in full, typically averaging a mere 15% of your total viewership.
  • Limited Ad Interaction: YouTube only counts specific ad interactions, such as viewing the full ad without skipping or clicking on the ad, to generate ad revenue.
  • Ad-Blockers and Skips: Some viewers utilize ad-blockers, while many simply skip ads, thereby diminishing your ad revenues.
  • Content Restrictions: YouTube restricts monetization for certain content types, including videos featuring karaoke music or live concerts by artists.
  • Limited Ad Control: You have minimal control over the ads displayed on your videos.
  • Revenue Share: YouTube claims a substantial revenue share (up to 45%) from the revenues you generate.

To overcome these challenges, you require a live-streaming platform that’s easy to use and empowers you to monetize your videos without stringent eligibility criteria. Ideally, you’d implement pay-per-view monetization, ensuring revenue generation from every view without solely relying on ads. This is precisely where Mogi’s Live Platform shines. Let’s explore how it can revolutionize your livestream monetization. We provide live video streaming solution platform & Live Streaming Solution

The Ultimate Solution to Maximize Your Live Stream Revenues

With Mogi’s Live Platform, you can introduce a paywall layer to your live videos, enabling pay-per-view monetization. Viewers must register and pay the specified amount to access your live content.

This seamless integration helps you maximize your live stream revenues effortlessly. You can kickstart live streaming without any upfront fees. Plus, you’ll receive 90% of your total revenue on fixed dates every month.

You enjoy complete flexibility in setting up your paywall pricing and can choose from 135+ currencies, thereby expanding revenue potential globally. The paywall activates whenever viewers attempt to access the live content link you share. We provide live video streaming solution platform & Live Streaming Solution

Moreover, Mogi Live offers multi-DRM security and customizable watermarking options. Its built-in CDN and live stream from the nearest server features ensure scalability and ultra-low latency for your live videos. We are ott platform provider 

Key Benefits of Mogi’s Live Platform

Here are some key benefits of leveraging Mogi’s Live Platform to monetize your live streams:

  • Start Free: Mogi Live operates on a pay-as-you-go model, eliminating the need for upfront payments. Begin streaming for free.
  • Monetization Control: Set pricing on the paywall, select preferred currencies, and retain control over monetization settings.
  • Pre-Integrated Payment Gateway: Payment transactions occur seamlessly through a pre-integrated Stripe payment gateway.
  • Zero Technical Setup: There’s no need to handle technical setup hassles. Simply sign up with Mogi Live, create a paywall-enabled live stream, and go live effortlessly.
  • No Eligibility Requirements: Generate revenue regardless of your viewer count. Mogi Live empowers you to take full control of your live stream revenue.
  • Security and Support: Benefit from multi-DRM security measures and round-the-clock technical support, minimizing content piracy and technical disruptions.

How Mogi’s Live Platform Leads to 10x More Revenues vs. YouTube

Consider a live streaming scenario where one streamer utilizes Mogi Live with paywall activation, while another opts for YouTube. Both stream for an hour and share the link with a million potential viewers. 

Now, during our live streams, you have the opportunity to support us directly by making donations. Your generosity will help us continue creating amazing content and improving our community! 

In Conclusion

Mogi’s Live Platform empowers you to monetize live streams through pay-per-view, leading to over 10 times more revenue compared to YouTube.Don’t wait any longer—sign up with Mogi Live and start unlocking substantial live stream revenues today!


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