Benefits Of Streaming Your Content Live

You might have heard that live streaming is expensive or can reduce attendance at an event. However, this is far from reality, and content creators across the globe are choosing live streaming to boost their content marketing efforts.

Videos have always been an integral part of the event technology landscape. But with live streaming, your events can reach millions of people with just a few taps on your screen. Yes, there is no exaggeration involved here—you can literally share a live stream on most social media platforms by simply clicking a button. There are also dedicated platforms that allow for live streaming. And content creators are tapping into their potential without restraints. 


But then why is live streaming so popular? Because you can reach your audience and interact with them on a real-time basis through live video streaming. Here are some other reasons why live streaming is so important for your personal brand and business. Check out—


  • Live streaming is not just for big events


One of the most common misconceptions about live streaming is that it only works for big events.

Live video is a good investment for any type of event, regardless of its size or scope.

Trust us, you can not just increase the attendance at your event but also expand your brand beyond the venue with live streaming. Live streaming can be especially appealing for smaller events that have a limit on attendees. You can keep the event intimate and still reach a large audience while maintaining consistency in the experience. Thanks to apps like Periscope, YouTube Live and Facebook Live, video technology has advanced beyond our imagination. Also, live video streaming has made broadcasting free and has created new opportunities for budding as well as established content creators.


  • Users consume your content at your time, not theirs 


The greatest advantage of live streaming is the fact that viewers consume it as per your timing not theirs. But how is this a benefit? Well, this allows you to only engage with people who are truly interested in you and your brand. This is a great way of targeting your content towards those who will follow you more. These are the people that are most likely to convert. So clearly, live streaming can do what no other content marketing channel can by allowing you to broadcast to a highly targeted audience.


For the same reason, live streaming requires more commitment than usual. After all, your followers need to follow your schedule—your stream time. As discussed above, this automatic filter keeps unrelated, or less interested audiences out.


  • This mode of communication is not yet saturated


As with all digital marketing channels, live streaming can quickly become saturated. While it hasn’t yet reached that point, it is gaining traction and more and more people are starting to use it daily.

Consider Facebook’s drop in organic post reach. Timelines became too competitive so Facebook had to adjust its algorithm. Now, only a small portion of people get to see your organic posts. The same could happen with live streaming. Although live streaming is the best way to reach your audience, it’s going to get overdone soon. So, act now!


  • You can put out a lot of different types of content


One of the best benefits streaming offers is the ability to repurpose content in many ways.

Live broadcasting is not limited to audio and video content. You have the freedom to use different forms of media as well as multimedia content, such as text and images in live broadcasting.

Numerous platforms offer a wide range of options for accessing different presentation methods.

What else? Live streams can be repurposed into on-demand content. This allows you to maximize viewership.


  • High-quality live streams for a great viewing experience


It’s possible to offer high-quality live streams to your global audience. But for that, a CDN may be required. This will result in a quality user experience.

Although a lot of people opt for free live streaming services, it might be difficult to achieve high-quality streaming with a free streaming platform. For high-quality streaming, the streaming platform needs to have a solid infrastructure and a quality content delivery network (CDN).

A CDN acts as a global delivery platform that distributes your content through the CDN’s servers. 

CDN-powered live broadcasting is a great way to make sure your stream runs smoothly and doesn’t get interrupted. But make sure your platform is supported by a reliable CDN.


  • Potential revenue opportunities 

Live streaming on certain platforms is free and allows you to connect with audiences without additional cost. You can also charge for access to the stream, which could help you generate extra revenue. If your stream is of an actual event, you may be able to charge admission fees for both physical and online attendees.


  • Live streaming is a great way to stand out among the crowd


Streaming live events or content could be a great way to set your business apart from the pack. Many organizations don’t live stream their events, regardless of whether it’s a conference, Webinar, or an informal tutorial chat. You could make your organization stand out by using this innovative method to achieve your marketing goals.


  • Earn the trust of your viewers


According to studies, consumers are more likely to trust brands that they have used in the past. Live streaming increases consumer trust as it allows viewers to interact with the content in an authentic and transparent manner. This gives content a human face and voice. This is simply not possible with written promotional posts.

Some businesses use live streaming technology to show people their entire production process. Some even go to the extent of broadcasting each step of their supply-chain process. When the audience gets a peek into the functioning of the business, they automatically develop trust towards it.


Your video may be professionally produced but it should achieve what it’s intended for with transparency. Expect both positive and negative feedback when you share your stream. Trust us—transparency relays to your audience the message that you are a trustworthy brand.


  • You reach a wider audience


Physical events are often limited to the space available at a particular venue. Live streaming allows you to invite as many people as possible to “attend” your event. Often, it so happens that people are interested but are unable to attend your event due to high travel or entry costs or work commitments.


Thankfully, your event can be live-streamed to make it accessible to people who are not in your area. Live streaming is a great way to reach people around the world since you don’t have to be restricted by geographical limitations.


Why choose a professional Live Streaming Service?


There are many benefits to using live video streaming services to broadcast an event, as opposed to using a free service.

To create your own live stream without professional aid, you will need to have the technical expertise and experience necessary. This is not something that every content creator has. Opting for a professional service provider takes the hassle out of live streaming. Meaning, your live streams neither become too complex nor costly.

Trust us, it’s simpler and more cost-effective to use professional streaming services if streaming technology is not something you’re familiar with. Your streams will be on your viewers’ screens in no time. 

Also, to grow as a content creator, you need to share your brand’s story, build relationships with the target audience and grow a loyal customer base. All of these goals can be achieved with live streaming. This allows content creators to communicate their most relevant messages to the right people at the right time.

This is a clear indication that live video content delivery is the order of the day, and it’s here to stay.

Are you leveraging this innovative marketing strategy to promote your content, products, or services? If not, roll up your sleeves and get streaming— live!

Mogi’s Proprietary Video Tech

Mogi’s Video Tech solutions are available end-to-end (Video Transcoding + Video Player + Mogi Streaming Engine (Multi-CDN delivery) + DRM + Video Analytics) or you can use individual products from the entire suite like just the Video Transcoding. Mogi also provides white-label end-to-end plug n play solutions for OTT and Edtech Platforms, with Web, Android and iOS apps as well as a dedicated CMS for OTT and LMS for EdTech.

One of the best individual products we have is our Transcoding Architecture, which is a unique cluster-based process, does the transcoding within 30% of the content length. The transcoding architecture’s result includes a highly compressed video of up to 50% with no loss in quality, and if you choose quality enhancement, a 40% compression with the enhanced video quality.

The pricing for Transcoding is very competitive as well, and along with it you get a highly compressed output with the same or higher quality. This means not only is your contractual pricing is low due to competitive pricing, but your bandwidth consumption also reduces, and user experiences increase multifold. It’s a win-win for all of us (Users, Clients, Mogi).

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