Benefits Of Self Hosted: 8 Reasons Why You Should Host Your Own Videos

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The popularity of online video consumption has been rapidly increasing, attracting viewers from various backgrounds. The broadcasting industry has experienced a significant surge, particularly during the pandemic. This trend has prompted many content owners, video publishers, and businesses to explore different ways of marketing their online video content. As a result, they often search for information on how to host their own videos.

In this article, we will provide answers to common queries about self-hosting videos and address the aspects you have been seeking.

Let’s begin by understanding what self-hosted video streaming entails. Imagine having complete control over your own video streaming platform. By uploading your curated video files to the same server hosting your streaming solution, you can showcase your brand across various multimedia channels, including the web, mobile devices, and smart TVs. This allows you to reach potential customers and have full autonomy over your video-making and streaming business strategies without relying on third-party involvement.

A self-hosted video streaming platform offers a comprehensive solution for repurposing your video marketing business. Unlike platforms that depend on external providers, self-hosted streaming platforms provide more embedding options, enabling you to initiate changes through video broadcasting software. This level of control ensures the development of the best online video platforms with embedded systems that offer long-term value. W are OTT solution provider in India

Now let’s explore some of the key benefits of self-hosted video streaming:

  1. Privacy and Control: When you own the online streaming space, you can maintain ownership indefinitely, free from concerns about copycatting or digital rights issues. This allows you to have full control over your self-hosted HLS video player and ensures privacy with solutions that protect your content.
  2. Customizable Design: With maximum control over your video workflows, you can customise the user interface of your platform to align with your brand’s theme. Managed upgrades enable you to incorporate the latest appealing thumbnails within your self-hosted video hosting platforms, enhancing the user experience.
  3. Audience Control: Digital distribution rights play a crucial role in your media publishing business. By having well-monitored content streamlining, you can choose to distribute your videos selectively among specific demographics or geographical regions. We provide OTT streaming service in India
  4. No Distractions: With the best video streaming server, you can decide when to monetize your videos by incorporating ads or keeping them ad-free. You have the ultimate decision-making authority to run your video content and become a well-rounded performer in the marketplace.
  5. Ad-Free Experience: Implement your chosen video monetization platform plan that allows ad-block requests. This helps businesses organize e-training sessions where video content is incorporated without any disruptive digital ads, creating a more immersive and focused experience.
  6. Analytics and Monetization: Advanced video players now come with precise analytical tools that monitor viewer metrics such as video views and engagement rates, allowing you to optimize your media publication strategies. These insights enable you to develop a suitable monetization plan for your video streaming business.

Secured online video hosting offers additional advantages:

  1. Ensuring High Security: By implementing a 100% end-to-end encryption solution and DRM support system, you can protect your audio and video content, adhering to intellectual property rights. SSO security frameworks further enhance the security of your self-hosted video streaming platform.
  2. Flexibility to Leverage: A customized online streaming platform with a self-hosted video server allows you to deploy functionalities within a broad range of capabilities. These solutions can be integrated into on-premises or cloud-based VOD hosting servers, providing you with flexibility.
  3. Streaming Videos Under Your Own Host: With a dedicated self-hosted video streaming server, you have the freedom to host your creative videos without relying on third-party associations. This empowers your content publishing strategies and increases user engagement on your platform.
  4. No 3rd Party Involvement in Deleting Video Content: Unlike certain video hosting solutions that can easily and unjustly remove your special video works without your knowledge, having your own best video streaming platform gives you complete access control. Your videos cannot be deleted without prior notice, providing you with peace of mind.
  5. Complete Revenue Control: Capture viewers’ attention with compelling content that you can sell using your own price-set revenue models. You can strategize your video sales using major monetization models such as AVOD (Advertising Video on Demand), TVOD (Transactional Video on Demand), or SVOD (Subscription Video on Demand). Additionally, you can explore catch-up TV and coupon promotion platforms.
  6. Copyright of Your Own Videos: With complete control over your platform and its codecs, there is no question of unauthorized access or tampering with your creative ideas in media formats. Robust security check solutions eliminate worries about copyright infringement.
  7. Content Accessibility: Protect the accessibility of your curated broadcasting content with pivotal login protocols within your self-hosted video streaming hosting solution. Only paid customers will have access, ensuring that your OTT (Over-The-Top) app videos are not viewed prematurely or pirated by unauthorized users.
  8. Independence and Autonomy: Develop your popular streaming business at your own pace, enjoying complete independence over your customized platform. Regulate, track, and measure your success without owing anything to anyone. This allows you to compete with other top streaming players and achieve significant returns on investment (ROI).

In summary, by utilizing a custom-centric self-hosted streaming platform, you can create a distinguished publishing space that generates substantial revenue and attracts a loyal customer base of millions. Set high standards for video streaming to accelerate media viewership and embark on a successful video streaming journey.

If you already have an idea to host your own video streaming platform, schedule a free demo, and we’ll guide you towards video streaming success.

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