9 Best OTT Streaming Services In 2023 (Ranked And Reviewed)

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We have compiled a comprehensive list of the top OTT streaming services based on extensive research of their advanced features, user experience, subscription counts, content variety, and more.

The surge in smart devices like smartphones and smart TVs, coupled with the increasing demand for video-on-demand content and user willingness to pay, has been the driving force behind the growth of streaming services.

OTT platforms have become the preferred choice for content consumption due to their flexible package options, diverse genre selections, compatibility with a wide range of devices, affordable pricing, and the widespread availability of high-speed internet.

Studies indicate that over 82% of people in Western countries prefer OTT services to watch their favourite content, making it an attractive option for content owners across various industries.

If you are considering starting your own OTT service, now is the perfect time to do so, as the potential return on investment is estimated to be as high as 400%.

Success in the OTT streaming industry lies in the flexibility of content delivery. Over-the-top services enable users to access content anytime, anywhere, on any device. These services are not limited to movies or television but are increasingly being utilised by businesses for their specific needs.

The global OTT market is projected to experience a remarkable 11.22% compound annual growth rate in revenue and a 2.25% increase in subscriber count over the forecasted period.

OTT streaming has become an integral part of consumers’ everyday lives, especially with the emergence of live streaming during the pandemic. It has allowed people to maintain their routines, stay connected with their communities, and enjoy convenient access to a wide range of content. We provide video streaming solution in India

Now, let’s delve into the leading OTT streaming services across the globe in 2023:

  1. Netflix: Netflix is widely recognized as one of the largest on-demand streaming channels on the internet, offering over 15,000 titles. It dominates 35% of the global OTT streaming market share and stands out as the leading service provider in the United States. Netflix delivers a diverse range of original shows, anime, and films in high-quality video formats. With various monthly pricing plans, including exclusive, ad-free, and unlimited streaming options, Netflix boasts an extensive library of original and on-demand video content, accessible on numerous OTT devices.
  2. Disney+: Owned by the Walt Disney Company, Disney+ provides access to a vast collection of TV series, movies, and programs from Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar, Disney, and National Geographic. Known for its memorable cartoons, Disney+ offers over 7,500 video content varieties, including animated and feature films. Subscribers enjoy unlimited ad-free streaming and can bundle Disney+ with other services like Hulu. With more than 116 million global subscribers, Disney+ features 100 shows in HD quality, but it does not support live TV.
  3. Hulu: As the third-largest OTT service in the U.S., Hulu holds an 11% market share globally. It offers a versatile streaming experience with multiple pricing plans and a live TV package. Hulu subscribers gain access to comedy shows, dramas, blockbuster movies, documentaries, and more. Compared to Netflix, Hulu releases new episodes one day after their premiere. With four pricing plans and various add-ons, viewers can choose from a range of content collections. The subscription plans vary in terms of ad inclusion, ad-free options, and live TV package availability. We provide video streaming platform in India
  4. ESPN+: ESPN+ is the first dedicated sports OTT streaming service. It focuses on live streaming sports events and offers a wide range of sports-oriented content, including boxing, basketball, wrestling, soccer, and more. ESPN+ provides an attractive package rate and can be bundled with Disney+ at a nominal price. While ESPN+ shows come with multiple advertisements, the service compensates for the lack of non-sports-related content by offering a bundle deal with Hulu and Disney+.
  5. Amazon Prime Video: Amazon Prime Video, an OTT streaming channel from Amazon, has garnered a loyal audience base. It offers a vast selection of over 26,000 on-demand videos across various genres. Prime Video provides unlimited access to a diverse library of video content for a subscription fee and also offers additional content for rent. One notable feature of Prime Video is the direct access to films premiering in theatres. With excellent HD quality streaming and compatibility with up to three devices, Prime Video offers a well-rounded streaming experience and is included with an Amazon Prime subscription.
  6. HBO Max: HBO Max, an OTT streaming service from Warner Media, boasts a collection of over 2,500 celebrated shows and exclusive Warner Media content. It provides access to popular franchises like The Big Bang Theory and Morty, along with premiering movies at no additional cost. However, HBO Max has limited sports content and does not support live TV. The service offers two flexible pricing models globally, with additional charges for ad-free content and downloads. HBO Max supports 4K streaming and delivers content in HD quality.
  7. CBS All Access: Paramount+ is an OTT streaming channel that grants exclusive access to CBS content at an affordable price. It features an extensive on-demand library of exclusive news and classic shows like CSI, All Rise, and Twin Peaks. Subscribing to CBS All Access provides access to a wide range of shows from the CBS on-demand catalogue and live content from the CBS channel. With competitive pricing and support for multiple devices, Paramount+ strikes a balance between on-demand and live content. It offers an ad-free package that includes live TV services, world sports broadcasts, offline downloads, HD quality streaming, and exciting offers.
  8. Pluto TV: Pluto TV is a reliable ad-supported OTT service that appeals to fans of traditional cable television. It offers 190 unique streaming channels bundled with more than 1,000 on-demand movies and a wide range of content. Pluto TV features original over-the-top shows and channels that are not commonly found on cable TV. While it lacks sports content, it compensates with informative channels and additional programs. With unlimited concurrent streams and compatibility with devices like Chromecast and Roku, Pluto TV serves as a suitable alternative to traditional TV.
  9. Tubi: Tubi is a leading free OTT streaming service that offers a vast selection of movies and TV shows in HD streaming. With over 20,000 premium titles, Tubi provides unlimited access to diverse content genres. It also offers additional content for rent. Tubi stands out for its exclusivity and serves as a premium app for streaming entertainment. It is compatible with various devices and delivers a high-quality streaming experience.

These are just a few of the top OTT streaming services available in the market, each offering unique features and content variety to cater to the preferences of viewers worldwide.

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