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Because every talent deserves a stage

If you are a content owner who wants to reach out to your audience, on your own platform & start making money, Mogi is for you.

Mogi empowers you to break free & launch your own OTT instantly. It’s an end-to-end product, You don’t need a tech team (yes, it’s no code). There is No upfront cost, just pay as you scale  

Now you can outsource your end-to-end OTT platform to Mogi. So that your creativity can blossom

Why Mogi OTT is the best choice?

Get 4X+ return on investment compared to any other option

Monetization - Subscription, Pay per view & Ads

No upfront cost. Start at $100 per month. Pay as you scale

World class streaming using Mogi's patented technology

Scale without fear- End-to-end hosting on Google Cloud

Top notch user experience

Mogi OTT App Features


10 sec
Frame by frame
Pre - Mid - Post Roll
Continuation video


Recommendation engine
Add watchlist
Geo block
Fuzzy search
Dark & light theme


Android TV


User & roles
Bulk upload
Preview options for each device
Support live & VOD
EPG support
Menu designing


In-house ads

Cloud spend management


Disable screen recording/screenshot
Dynamic watermarking
Video side encryption


Our Customers

News9 Plus

News OTT

Giri Xpress

Entertainment OTT

Prysm Bhakti

Devotional OTT

Galaxy OTT

Entertainment OTT

Who Is Mogi OTT Meant For?

Independent content producers, broadcasters, publishers, Youtubers, educators, motivational speakers, chefs, yoga teachers etc.


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