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Because Every Talent Deserves A Stage

Mogi empowers you to break free & launch your own OTT instantly. It’s an end-to-end product, You don’t need a tech team (yes, it’s no code). It has all the tools to manage and monetize your content 

With our Lifetime OTT plan you Just make a One-time Payment Plan then recharge as per your needs.

We are Google Cloud’s Media-Tech partner and Funded by Pentathlon Ventures

Mogi OTT App Features

Video Player benchmarked to Youtube. Buffer free streaming

Disable screen recording & privacy protection

50% better compression than existing market solutions

Dashboard analytics to track consumption/usage

Available across Android, Web, Chromecast

Make money via Subscription, Pay per view, and Ads

Our Success Stories 🙂

Mogi I/O launches Disruptive Lifetime One-time payment Plan for their OTT Customers

Some Of Our 100+ Happy Customers


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Entertainment OTT

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