Want Buffer Free Video Streaming?

Stream buffer free videos of high quality, with 50% better compression than industry standards.

Videu, powered by Mogi provides

Buffer Free Videos

Providing clients a buffer free video delivery in high quality


Analytics to track each and every piece of video

Video Player

Lightweight video player, benchmarked to the best players in the world

End-To-End Integration

Streaming + Storage + Content Management System

Cost Comparison
All this seems fancy, but let's talk tech. Videu provides

Superior Transcoding

Best in class transcoding with up tp 4k format output with encryption.

Patented Multi-CDN Streaming

Patented Multi-CDN technology to deliver buffer free, optimized video delivery for every user.

DRM & Encryption

DRM Technology with HLS encryption for access to only authorised users

Hybrid/Multi Cloud

Highly reliable and scalable cloud based infrastructure for 99.99% SLA’s


Super Easy Integration

Rest API’s based integration with detailed documentation regarding query and results

We have everything you need for your seamless and buffer free video delivery !
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