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Launch Your Own Bhakti Video App/OTT Instantly and Get 5X Return

Android, IOS, WebApp & More

Fully Loaded Content Management

Make Money Via Ads. Pay/View & Subscription

End-to-end Video Streaming & Hosting

Get 5X Return


10000 viewers * 30 mins daily=5000 Hours daily

150000 Hours of video streaming monthly

End-to-end cost on Mogi Platform- 26 Paise / Hour of streaming

Total Cost 150000*0.26= Rs 40000 / month (End-to-end cost, No Hidden cost)


Ad Frequency= 1 Ad / 3 mint

Google Ads Rate= Rs 75 / 1000 views

Ads / Day:- 100000 / Day

Earning Per day= 100000 Ads * Rs 0.075= Rs 7500 daily

Earning / month= Rs 225000

What You Get?

No Code Frontend App

Android, iOS, Web and Smart TV apps and adjustments in order to make your content easily accessible through any device. Launch your own app within 7 days, and start monetizing it!

No Revenue Share, Earn What You Monetize

Choose what you want to monetize, how you want to monetize and how much you want to monetize without any restrictions. Your content, your revenue. No share for us*

Content Management System

Backend CMS for content indexing, routing, description, meta-tagging and categorization. Define your own channels, categories, thumbnails, resolutions, monetization packages, description, tags and a truckload of other things to help you make your app your own!

Player & Branded Display

Custom Mogi Video Player with brand and text overlay, 10 second forward/backward, resolution selection including auto, full screen options and timeline slider. Get your custom logo displayed over every video being played, so your users know and love your brand at all times!

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